-What’s going on?
Swimming tour to the cave of Hytra with Captain Spiros!

Every day!

-Yes, but at what time?
Depends on the weather!

-And how will I know it?
By making a call to +306974022079!

-And, how much is it?
15€ per person, just for you!

-Where am I meeting you?
At Kapsali’s pier.

-Ok, I’m in.
Reserve your seat at +306974022079 and you’re good to go!

They said about us...

Patty McDonnell
Captain Spiro provides a safe but exciting experience. We took two different boat tours. One was to a secluded beach which included exploring unknown invisible caves. The other was to Hytra. Bring your mask, snorkel or one will be provided. If you have them bring your flippers. When you are done you will leave with euphoria. Also the price is well worth the tour.
Best experience ever! This boatrip without captain Spyros wouldn't be the same! Amazing places, also masks and detailed info are provided! Landscapes that someone sees only in documentaries.. Totally worth it, thanks captain!

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