-What’s going on?
Swimming tour to the cave of Hytra with Captain Spiros!

Every day!

-Yes, but at what time?
Depends on the weather!

-And how will I know it?
By making a call to +306974022079!

-And, how much is it?
15€ per person, just for you!

-Where am I meeting you?
At Kapsali’s pier.

-Ok, I’m in.
Reserve your seat at +306974022079 and you’re good to go!

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Είπαν για εμάς

Hi Are you doing any trips between now and Monday? We are 2 people. If so, can you tell us when we should meet you at the boat? Thank you so much Stuart and Judy
Hello Spiros, I wanted to know if it was possible and when to take a tour to hytra and eventually to the beaches. we are four people and we are at kapsali. I would like to know the price per person and what time the tour starts. Thanks.Gianni
1 adult 2 children